World Renowned Designer Flea Market Bargains in Strangnas

Do you love flea market bargains? Then you are in good company. This weekend showed none other than Roberto Cavalli top of Strangnas streets and find bargains.

Roberto Cavalli may have made one of his life’s best flea market finds in Strangnas at the weekend. A pair of shoes in krokodillskin became his for a few hundred pieces. Peder davidsson had beaten up a table in the courtyard and sold the old stuff and hot dogs. Among the goods were a pair of shoes of crocodile skin and size 41.

The shoes immediately caught the attention of the 74-year-old designer who happened to pass along with a young woman and a little boy.
– “What’s the price”, he wondered, and I replied in English that there were one hundred crowns. He looked for a long time and it was probably because it was so cheap. They were like brand new in krokodilskinnsliknade leather. Then I was told by my daughter, and all around, it was the celebrity Roberto Cavalli, said Peder davidsson to Eskilstuna Kuriren.

Roberto Cavalli struck and bought the shoes, which have barely been used since Peder davidsson got them 20 years ago.
I just provgick them and thought that I would have them when I get married, but I have not done yet. Since they were left in my storage for over 20 years.

Roberto Cavalli and his girlfriend Sandra Nilsson bought last summer the island Big Rullingen outside Strängnäs. An island of luxury with large villa, swimming pool, on-site golf course and hunting lodge. Who knows, now that he had seen the potential of the Swedish stand we might see him resurface.

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