Where to Use the Handkerchief Pocket in Addition to the Jacket and the Blazer

Fashion is constantly trying to reinvent itself, and it is curious to note that if the job of the designer is not rendering novelties, impactful ourselves we use our creativity to generate new elements or use the old ones in a different way. In recent times we have noticed here in the Channel Male a recurring trend of using that same handkerchief that had been tied to the pocket of the suit or blazer to adorn the different parts of clothes shirt casual sports coat!

Where to Use the Handkerchief Pocket in Addition to the Jacket and the Blazer

Below we list and comment some flagrant men who decided to do something different with this old and well-known accessory:

1 – The denim jacket

Usually used with a color that create a nice contrast with the indigo of the jeans, as the orange, for example, this resource is suitable for anyone who wants to break the visual monochrome a combination of denim with denim or you simply want to create a focal point near the face.


2 – In cardigan

A scarf little bulky, folded it discreetly inserted in the pocket of the cardigan can add a touch of elegance to the look simple and cool. In this case less is more, the piece only present as a small detail, so the neutral colors are key.


3 – In vest tailoring

It is one of the uses of the most recurrent, as it seems more natural to migrate the accessory pocket of the suit jacket to the bolsinho of the vest. The combination is up to your discretion: a complementary color will draw attention to; an analogous colour will cause the scarf to become less flashy.


4 – With shirt

Gives a visual cool, especially when combined with elements that suggest a retro look, such as suspenders and bow ties, exactly as in the photo example. Once more it is necessary a piece with a little fabric so that it does not create too much volume on the shirt. Patterns and prints are a way to make the look more relaxed.


5 – With leather jackets

The structure of the most full bodied of the leather jacket gives space for the use of the scarf, especially if your design is similar to that of a blazer with a pocket on the chest and two at waist height. If the leather is brown enjoy the shades of blue and purple to call attention to the accessory, if it is black, neutral tones make combos chic.


5 – With vest sports

Let’s combine the idea of the handkerchief in the pocket is not exclusive to the tailoring, the accessory works to give a touch more up in that vest of nylon that you use on the colder days. Here it is again the caveat about the size of handkerchief: be careful not to leave the vest even more bulky in the height of the chest. As a complement to the valley of the scarf, as used in the photo, it shows that the intent is really to protect you from the cold, but with style!


6 – With bomber jacket twill

The model of jacket from the photo has a visual clean that serves very well to accompany the tie and shirt in a look of work, so why not supplement with anything else that goes to the costume social? The scarf is there for that!


7 – With jacket nylon

The model is more dry, just to protect from the wind and cold, are already appearing with a cut much closer to the tailoring, but we also have the lined and adorned with a matelasse that has a special charm. In both cases it is possible to use the scarf to add more style to the look, but don’t hold to the traditional, explore fabrics, more rustic and more vivid colours if you want a result relaxed and fun.


8 – With pants chino or tailored

If your idea is to just mount a simple look with pants chino’s and a shirt cool, the pockets are below the line of the waist can also be explored. The example of the photo, with a picture of a paisley, it is a good suggestion, just avoid leaving too much fabric to show, use just so that it appears as a detail discreet.


As you could see, even the most simple and classic male enhancement can find new uses, new ways to add style to the look of the man, just have good sense and take advantage of this feature without overdoing it or seeming forced.

Even though this article does not have you convinced to use the handkerchief in the pocket, we hope that he will make thee look for your accessories in a different way and start to rethink the way they are going to compose his costume.

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