We Tie: The Complicated Resurection Knot

Sophisticated in the visual and in the execution, the resurection knot (don’t ask me why the name) is a tie knot that certainly will call the attention of the people. The volume at the height of the collar and the drawing created by the fabric of the tie, bent, and braided to form a design exotic that can attract some and drive away others, but not so with the majority of these new nodes? You need to have a lot of attitude to wear something like that!

We Tie The Complicated Resurection Knot

As already said, the execution is a little tricky and requires some practice to which the resurection knot skirt perfect, in addition to tie need to have a fabric smooth and soft, which makes a manipulation more complex, preferably silk. Probably it will consume the very fabric of the tie, therefore it is not surprising that the subject of the video is with a vest, many times those we do not allow the tie to reach the top of the belt buckle, on the other hand the shorties are not going to worry about the fabric left over on their tie.

See below for how to do the resurection knot:


It is also important in this case that the node is proportional with the opening of the collar and even with the width of your face or the size of your head, people with face small can’t feel a suitable proportion when using this node.