This Friday You Will Receive Duplicate Vouchers If You Give Old Clothes at H & M

H & M has announced a clothing collection day on April 17. All who submit old textiles in any of the clothing giant’s stores will receive double the vouchers á $50 per submission. Take the opportunity to clean out the worn clothing, mismatched socks and old sheets!

It is often a lot of chemicals to produce new fabrics, which rips on the environment. In Sweden we throw about eight kg textiles per person per year, but as much as 95 percent of it ends up in the garbage could be reused or recycled.

“We hope that the textile recycling will become as natural as to collect cans. Then hopefully our long-term ambition to reuse and recycle all textile fibres into new fibres become possible in the future, “says Henrik Lamp, head of environmental affairs at H & M’s sustainability Department in a press release.

H & M has therefore announced on 17 april to clothing collection day and want to encourage their customers to submit old textiles. Everyone who enters and leaves the clothes in any of the clothing giant’s stores on Friday receive duplicate vouchers each 50 kronor for each turned in bag, max four vouchers per person. Value cheques can be used at the next purchase for over 300 dollars, but max one check per purchase. The clothing giant, hoping to get in five tonnes of textiles for clothing collection day.

“It doesn’t have to be clothes, goes well with all types of textiles regardless of brand and condition, says Marie rosenlind, PR and Communications Manager H & M Sweden.

Good for the environment and good for your wallet, the win-win!