Thin Male Sport:Tips and Styles

The drama of the sport thin male may have already happened with practically every man. You open an invitation and finds the words “costume: Esporte Fino” stenciled amid other recommendations.
Define the type of clothing is great for that guests do not feel uncomfortable about your costume. The problem is: what do you mean “thin sport”? What sets it apart from formal attire, casual, and what are the parts that are allowed in this type of specific visual?
This is, really, a very common situation. You never know if the correct solution is put on jeans and shirt, or if sport actually indicates some type of athletic context. It’s normal to feel confused about the recommendation, and there’s no reason to worry.
The good news is that the thin sport offers a number of options and choices that are fairly simple and comfortable. You probably already have the necessary clothes for an event with this type of costume, and just choose in your wardrobe.
Know what you want to say the infamous “thin male sport“, and learn how to choose the ideal outfit for these types of event:
Which means thin sport?
In simplified form, thin sport means a visual that is not as esportivo (of chance), or as thin (in the sense of formality). This game of words indicates that it is an intermediate costume, in terms of formality.
Although this definition is fairly easy to understand, it can generate some complications in time to apply in practice. To settle the suit, it is necessary to settle an informal garment that is not extremely casual.

The iconic look of this style is the combination between the V neck shirt and a blazer, jeans together. With this choice, it is impossible to miss in the style. However, there are a number of other possibilities to be explored.

Between the sport and the thin

Sometimes, the correct choice to adjust which visual responds to the expectations of the sport. In work situations, for example, you are expected to deal a bit more formal than side with the casual side of the costume. Go this way, in fact, is a good choice for the situations in which the rules are not clear.

In other words: whenever you are in doubt, give preference to a more “thin” than “sporty”, without leaving the confines of the sport. The errors of choice are less eye-catching when they go to this side.

Tips for thin sport costumes

If you have questions about what you can use in a situation with this costume, check out these tips that should help you choose:

  • Do not use worn t-shirts:T-shirts are common parts for sport thin, and fall very well with a blazer, for example. However, that doesn’t mean that any shirt for the occasion. Use a shirt that matches the situation, without devaluing the your visual.
  • Give preference to quality jeans:Jeans are great in visual fine sport, but can ruin it completely if they are inappropriate. Pants with pockets in dubious sites, with washing done the wrong way, or with noticeably bad material can pass the wrong impression. Have at least a good pants in your closet for use at these times.
  • Avoid clothing with hood:Just avoid. In super casual moments, they can fall well and be comfortable. In times when expected a fine sport, however, there is simply no space for them.