They Are Super Models That Lead the Lindex Main Campaign #Super Role Model

Lindex strikes a blow for inner beauty and lets three super models who are all passionate about charity fronta campaign.

That beauty is affected by what we put into the US and how we feel, we are well aware of. But there is talk less about beauty from the inside can also be about how we act towards our fellow human beings. It is something like Lindex now wants to change through the campaign #Super Role Model.

“We choose to work with super models and the models Christy Turlington Burns, Liya Kebede and Toni Garrn because we believe that, with its good example conveys the message that beauty is not just outside, but also inside, says Johan Hallin, Concept & Marketing Director at Lindex.

Super model Christy who is the big name has in recent years been engaged in all women’s right to safe childbirth through Everymothercounts. Commitment to the charity she shares with Liya and Toni, who also fronts the campaign.

“I’ve learned that what matters is what you do, how to do it and what you do with what you have. I am who I am, and I like that this campaign creates a platform for us three women – Toni, Liya and me. We are in different stages of our careers, and we all make more than only model job. The campaign is a positive example that shows that we all are, and have the capacity to do much more than what appears on the surface, “says Christy Turlington Burns.

During the campaign period, Lindex customers to round up in favor of Wateraid and sell a t-shirt with pressure #superrolemodel from which all profits are donated to organizations involved in the models.