Therefore, Your B-Cup Really Be an E-Cup – So Does the “Siblings of the Pack”

Have you finally found the correct bra size in underklädesjungeln? (If not, read more here). Then it may be time for fine adjustments. There are several sizes to fit your Cup, known as the “brothers size”.

To find out what size you have by that measure provides a good basis, but is not a guarantee that the BRA will be comfortable and good. Therefore, it may be useful to know how siblings sizes work. For example, if you have size 75B, then you may have even 70 c and 80A on your bra. The hive is in relation to the circumference of the BRA.

Here is a guide of what sizes that are siblings to each other:
70A = 65B
75A = 70B = 65 c
80A = 80 d = 70 c = ggr5643f
85A = 65 g = 75 c = 70 d = 65E
85B = 80 c = 75 d = 70E = 65F
90b = 85 c = 65 h = 75E = 70F = 65 g
90 c = 85 d = 0,80 e = 75F = 70 g = 65H
95 c = 90D = 85E = 70F = 70 g = 70I

Based on these, you can experiment, it may be slightly different between the different brands and models.

It is important to note that it is the circumference of your bh which represents the aid itself. It is therefore important that the BRA sits really tight all around, you should get the max a couple of fingers between bra and back. And when you go down in size in circumference – so you will have to go up in Cup size.

Also check out what the common mistakes is to try the BRA, and please take help of our size guide. Good luck!

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