The Transparencies Are Not Always Good for Kate Moss in The Paris Fashion Week

Yesterday saw the parade of Yves Saint Laurent in the Paris fashion week and as it is usual in the French firm the transparencies they returned to appear in its proposals for the following Spring-summer 2010.

One of the highest representatives of YSL on the street, Kate Moss, who also stars in the Parisienne fragrance ad, was seen in the front row the event and wanted to wear one of her looks so risky.

It is common to see to Kate Moss in this manner, the slides are your style a staple but by much current trend that is, they are not always right. Already my friend Laia said it a few days ago with three perfect examples.

Kate Moss black to the full, to not vary, bet on a transparent blouse and that did not stand up to the flashses of the photographers to the lights that were in the enclosure. A spectacular cleavage and a collected in the hair to enhance its features.

I do not like this so blatant use of the slides, it seems to me even evil, but it is Kate Moss and we are used to this.