Shoulders to The Air, This Is a New Malware Trend

If there is a cleavage in summer and makes us dream with outfits of infarction is one that leaves the Bare shoulders. This part so sexy and simple promises to join us at all times this season, why firms put the batteries and they have dozens of options. Tops are oversize and the street stylers do not hesitate in combine them in their own way.

Patterned, smooth, in short sleeves, flared or puffed. Variety is the spice and one can choose between an infinite number of models. In addition, the ratio of combination is so wide that you can wear every day and vary the registration in each of the outputs, what more can you ask?

Urban looks to take into account

Seems to happen: we have the material, but we do not know how to take it. Here the role of blogs and the street stylers for fashion, will help us combine and awakening inspiration. There is no garment that resists this kind of tops: from shorts to mini-skirts, passing through a long bib. And these images are proof of this statement, leaving urbanites looks perfect to take to the streets.