She Designed the Finest Prom Dress Yourself – in the Hope of Getting the show Who She Is

Kyemah McEntyre wanted a prom dress that showed her African heritage and who she is, so she designed one herself. The result is a beautiful prom dress whose pictures now is spreading like wildfire.

This time of year, there are plenty of opportunities to see stunning prom and wedding dresses, and most of them follow the same unwritten rules in both the model colors and materials. When Kyemah McEntyre, 18 years, would choose their prom dress she did not have the traditional pastel Side dress but wanted instead to be able to see more of who she is. She designed therefore himself a dress inspired by their African heritage. Strong colors, patterns, a plunging neckline and long sleeves, embossed design sketch which she then handed on to the local tailor Markell’s ‘s Closet in New Yersey who sewed it up.

The result is a dress that had been at The Met gala and pictures at Kyemah and the dress began to quickly spread over the internet.

In addition to the dress itself is absolutely stunning, it has also brought with it two important messages. The first and most obvious is how important it is that we have confidence in who we are and can view it in full, even in the way we dress. In the same way, we must also allow others to select the style they want, something Kyemah know more about. On her Twitter, she has put out a picture of himself in the dress and writes that “this is because I always been branded as ugly or angry.” thank God that the stereotypes are just opinions. ”

The dress has really given Kyemah the revenge she deserves, you want to see more photos of her dress so take a look below or click through to her Instagram and Twitter.