Outfit from 80’s, Sunny Yellow, & Patent Leather Shoes

It’s really amazing how fast one can get used to new situations: for 16 days, Wilma Filippa is only on the world – and already one can no longer imagine life without this little thing. Conversely sees just out: this 53 cm-large creature was ever in my stomach? -Crazy unreal. Although I still well remember my Jammer mood, I can no longer tell but with the best will, why the one or other aches and pains so are hit me on the mind. Crazy, I like to get back. Totally crazy world. But nature does make sent.

To the loss of a delicate by-product during my pregnancy, I am however not very sad: the water in my body has made itself completely from the field and ran alike from the head and the feet – and make sure that the look in the mirror without blank amazement comes out and I can draw on more than two pair of shoes again. You can you don’t even imagine how happy that makes me.

Coat: MONKI, Jumper: & other stories, jeans: thanks to closed pedal icon, bag: thanks to closed, shoes: Fred Perry.

Otherwise I stay here: I gotta go to the hairstyle. Although my Lady di memory hairstyle to the today’s outfit fits maybe even very good. Back in the 80’s the motto could be here, together with closed pedal pusher of archives line and paint Loafern – the small retro trip is currently so very dear to me.

And the sunny yellow sheath from MONKI? The simply ensures the necessary portion fresh on this gray autumn day.