One of the Legendary Fashion Icons Have Passed away — 105 Years Old

Christian Dior, Elsa Schiaparelli, Gabrielle Chanel, and Pierre Balmain was a fashion designer who appeared at the same time as Marie-Louise-Carven Grog. Yesterday she went away 105 years old and became the last of the houses of fashion legends who left us.

Marie-Louise’s mother should have told her that you’re so short, so you can never be stylish. Perhaps they were just those words, combined with the fact that all the big fashion houses at the time, sewed their clothes after long women that made Marie Louise went on to start her own fashion house focused on just short women. in 1945, she struck up the ports on the Champs-Élysées and quickly became known as the small fashion house.

The inspiration was taken from her background in architecture. Clean lines and simple pattern design quickly became the fashion House’s characteristic – it together with the greenish stripes and the amazing scents. Marie-Louise wanted to dress the whole woman, and the fragrance was the final touch that gave it a little extra. When the signature of Ma Griffe (my signature) was launched, it was in a way that even then was a hot topic. Over central Paris was released in small bottles out from a plane clad in tiny parachutes with the fashion House’s characteristic greenish stripes.

The brand expanded quickly and when Marie-Lousie retired at the age of 84, it was from a fashion house which covered both Lady-like menswear, swimwear, accessories, casual wear and a children collection. Then Marie Louise left the Carven was there in a few years quietly about the House, but it is far from the last we’ve seen of it; When Guillaume Henry came in as new designer 2009 he again put Carven on the map and mark got a standing ovation with a new fragrance.

When Marie-Louise yesterday left us, she can look back on a long career in fashion, and also a trip where she helped paved the way for female fashion designers. Together with Elsa Schiaparelli and Gabrielle Chanel , she was one of the first female fashion designers who broke through. When she celebrated her 100th birthday in 2009 she told WWD:
“I never did it for my own sake. I did it for the young people who came to see me, to teach them how they can dress themselves, and to give them confidence in their own beauty – how they can prove themselves through colors, style, everything. ”

A message will be relayed on long after she left us.

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