Need a Reason to Wear Silk Scarves? We Give You Six

The Silk scarves are the forgotten in the world of fashion. In recent years we have led XXL scarves, bandanas and neck chokers, but We have lost the habit of the classic scarves. Until now. Reclaimed Cabinet these classic accessories full of colours and patterns to give a twist in our outfits. You don’t know how to take them? Here are six ideas that you convince.

1 it is your neck

Scarves and foulards are not the only ones that protect your neck from the cold. There are times in which does not so much cold to wear wool scarves, or that the skin is more sensitive and the tissue produces irritation. However, the Silk scarves are your throat more sophisticated and chic, In addition to being a very smooth and pleasant material.

2 decorate your dolls

Silk scarf has nothing to go only to the neck, there are thousands of possible combinations. If you want to show off cleavage or simply wear this in a modern way and original can always turn it into a bracelet and tie it to the wrist, forearm or ankle. Who said fear?

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3 Accesoriza your bag

Do you have a basic bag? Have you ever seen it is equal to others on the street? Give a different touch tying a handkerchief filled with color or patterns to not be repetitive. A declaration of intent to allows you to use it many times without that seems always the same.

4. by way of tie

Silk scarf is, by its texture, design and color, a garment that provides a lot of femininity to any style. This does not mean that we can not you give a touch more masculine or tomboy, just take it as a tie as the dandies of the 1920s.

5 you tie the bandana head

If your style is preppy chic and not miss the headbands and bows in the head, It is best if they are made with silk scarves. You can tie with the knot up, hide it in the nape of the neck or even stay away from the fresh look and bring them covering the entire head How does Kylie Jenner.

6. contrasts: the accessory it

Silk scarf can be central all a styling accessory. Test to combine it with opposite colors or use it in total looks black for that it is highlighted and becomes the linchpin set.