Logomania Propaganda, or When T-Shirts Are Gifted

A new trend is starting to appear among the creme de la creme of the street style more often, on the Fashion Week season. Large it girls on the international scene have been launched with the t-shirts of propaganda, those that give companies such as merchandising and cereal boxes. And you may ask, is it possible to convert into something chic these designs? The answer is Yes and we have the proof.

The bring the two C crusades of Chanel to size din A3 in the middle of the chest or Loewe logo for all the pants can look very stylish, but who really has style is that manages to get a t-shirt of a courier company and be ready for the front row. Of course, UPS and DHL have found in fashion week its best ambassadors.

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A very economic trend and original with that (insurance) You can reuse any garment you have at home and you use for sleep, to wash the dogs or to paint the living room. None of that! Now you can get it to go out, you will be the most chic. You know, to gift t-shirt you don’t look the tooth.

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