“I’m Not Trying to Impress Anyone” Anine Bing about Its Brand

Anine Bing has as a designer and popular blogger succeeded with two dream jobs, but the aim has never been to impress someone else. Instead, she has focused on what she herself believes in and let the blog and brand grow hand in hand. Today, she is nominated for the international price Stylight Influencer Awards – Most Successful Blogger Business.

Congratulations on the nomination! What does it mean to you and your brand?
“It means a lot and I would be very happy if I won because it would be international recognition both for my brand but also for my blog.

You must tell me the recipe – how have you taken you here?
– Hard work and a clear vision. I trust really hard on my gut feeling and not faltering ahead of the trends without stick in my concept. I am consistent in my business model and have shown that I can deliver season after season.

What has been the biggest challenge in launching Anine Bing?
I have only used social media and have basically ruled out traditional media. When I launched the brand in 2012, it was something completely new and clearly a challenge. But it turned out to be just right! I believe in a personal and close dialogue with customers and it is really cool.

What has been surprisingly easy?
– It must be to put my concept, but I think it’s because I’m not trying to impress anyone. I follow my taste 100% and does not attempt to konstla to it with trends.

When did you feel the first time you were sure that the brand would strike through?
“It was probably here in Los Angeles, when I was in town and for the first time met with unfamiliar women who carried my design. It was so fun to watch and it’s still what I think are the best – to meet customers face to face.

How important do you think the blog was for Anine Bing which brand?
– Everything! It was my first advertising tools and it remains an important channel for my mark.

What are the greatest challenges you see as a designer in the future?
– The production of clothes is always complex. You have to have the right suppliers and to get everything in time is a constant challenge. I have a fantastic team that supports up but that is all the time to develop and to look to the future.

What is the next target for the blog and brand Anine Bing?
“I really think it is super fun to blog and I would always make sure to develop and provide readers with the material that they are. To the part so I dream of more stores around the world. Now New York on tour and I’m so incredibly happy. 2015, I think will be a very exciting year!

Do you have any advice for those who dream of making the same journey as a designer as you?
– Dare to dream! Work hard and don’t give up when you meet resistance.