How to Use Your Trench Dress, by Ginnifer Goodwin

For some time I have to say that Ginnifer Goodwin It is prettier than ever. It has given a twist to their attire and now whenever I see it think it me is the most beautiful and sophisticated. Did in the 2009 Emmy with a Fuchsia dress and a haircut to the garcon and now redo it to show us as wear a trench coat as his was a dress.

Yes the trench Burberry show was the central theme with the celebration of the 25 anniversary of the runway, apparently Ginnifer comes forward and takes the style to the extreme with a black trench with nothing under. Although it is not actually so scandalous because it was not a street boyerista, but because it is a design of Camilla and Marc has this essence.

The black silk dress It is cut as a trench and it looks like such, but it is a dress. With the butterfly clasp detail and simple accessories, located in black and dark grey were the key to discover this style. But, if you want to take it as well, do not worry that they need only a trench coat of lightweight fabric that does not have too much body, but a fabulous fall and may succeed: silk, satin and linen may be an option. Burberry gave us the key.