Hint: The Boundary between the Slim Fit and the Dowdy

Every day it seems that the clothes shrink more: the jeans went from straight to slim and so skinny, someone didn’t think enough and threw the pants super skinny that was still not as fair as the jegging, a name terrible to a legging made of denim. As if that weren’t enough, the fashion was spreading to the rest of the wardrobe, but while there is good sense it’s all under control… or not?

Hint The Boundary between the Slim Fit and the Dowdy

The biggest problem is that jeans, just in a casual look is one thing, a pants tailoring, showing details of their anatomy that should be hidden is another totally different. It is nice to have a body healed, but it is not exactly what you should emphasize with your clothes, elegance has nothing to do with the physical, even knowing that a good body scale helps a lot.

The basic rule is that the fabric should only touch your skin, but do not pressure her, allowing fluid movements, just suggesting the shape of your body. When the muscles of the leg seem to be jumping out of the clothes the feeling is that the person is wearing a condom, something completely outside of our concept of elegance, no?

Pieces in dark colors can help, because even if you gain a few pounds, they tend to emagrecê it and hide the details of his anatomy, leaving the shape as well more lean. The whites, on the other hand, mark the can and a little bit more, making it seem that you have changed your dress standard for women’s clothes of lycra.

Remember that the suit, slim fit, considered young and modern, it is also not synonymous with costume justinho, he has only one fit more flush with the body. Case sample a and feel your lower parts to be crushed, opt for a traditional custom, or change the store, looking for a that offers a modeling more broadly.

In short:

  • Is there a limit to the clothing that is right on the body, therefore avoid exaggeration;
  • The standard skinny goes well on jeans, but is a disaster in tailoring;
  • The fabric of their clothes should stay on your skin and not attached to it;
  • Tailoring was not made to show off your muscles;
  • Dark clothing can decrease this effect, since the light only let you be more apparent;
  • Suit slim fit is more dry, but not glued to the body.

One last consideration…

You have thick legs and muscular? Then your trim is ideal straight, also known as straight-cut, do not go behind the cuts to skinny only because he put in head that will to purchase a piece as well, keep to the structure of your body using an outfit that was created specifically for him. Is there anything more chic?