Do You Know Who Gave the Chain Zara’s Name? You Will Be Surprised

Have you also wondered who the beautiful woman was who inspired clothing giant Zara with its name? Then you’ll be just as surprised as we are over it instead was a film and that the main character was far from the exotic Zara we have imagined.

When Tupac founder Amancio Ortega Gaona 1975 started a store in La Coruna in northwestern Spain, he had seen the film Zorba the Greek, and stuck to the name he chose to name his shop after the lead role. “Zorba the Greek”, was in fact far from either model or fashionista, but instead a Greek man played by Anthony Quinn.

Unfortunately, fate intervene, Zorba the Greek had inspired more entrepreneurs in the area and just a few streets away, there was a bar called the same. The owner of the bar went over to Amancio Ortega Gaona and explained that although a shop and a bar were two completely different things so customers could find it confusing to find two places with the same name as close to each other. Amancio Ortega Gaona was suddenly at a loss, he had already noticed the name and let the mould shapes for the letters to the shop sign, so instead of thinking about the brand new he emanated from letters of Zorba and tried to find a similar name. Said and done, after doing two A, Zara became the new name, and today it is much more familiar with it than the movie Zorba the Greek.

Here you can see a sample from the film.