Beckman’s Pupils Are Designing with Swedish Fashion Brands – You’ll See What It Is?

Students of Beckmans College of design, together with seven Swedish brands rated design a contribution based on the brand’s core values. Can you see what look to be found which brand?

Carin Wester, Cheap Monday, House of Dagmar, Filippa K, Our Legacy, Whyred and Örjan Andersson have all been involved in the project and contributed with both guidance and techniques to the fourteen students who participated in the project. The students have worked with issues like how much can you stretch a brand and how design can increase its core values. The overall issue is What happens when you put the famous fashion brands in the hands of students who are not limited by the conventions of the fashion market? The result is fourteen collections will be on display during fashion week. has in advance obtained images from six of the fourteen students. You can see the design associated with the marks above? A clue is that all brands are not represented in the images below, as well as a brand is represented in two of the pictures.

Hindsight – Here you can see the design students who designed for each brand.

  1. True Vogel-Filippa K
    2. Elin Ivre-Whyred
    3. Hanna P-Carin Wester
    4. Julia Åsberg-Cheap Monday
    5. Patrik Guggenberger – Our Legacy
    6. David Brask-Carin Wester

The cooperation has not only resulted in the clothes, but also in fashion films that students of Visual communication. Do you want to see all the contributions, both in design and videos so you can see both clothes and fashion films at Aplace, Norrlandsgatan 11, on February 5.

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