65 Years and Older Woman – Caitlyn Jenner Makes Success at Vanity Fair’s Cover

Caitlyn Jenner takes the world by storm when she first chooses to view itself as a woman – and doing it on Vanity Fair’s cover. Have we ever seen a sweeter 65-year-old on the magazine’s cover?

The cover is unique in so many ways. This is the first time Caitlyn Jenner now turns out that woman after personal life, and also doing it in an age of 65-years is a hot topic in itself, but it also usually get big waves around the family Kardashian-Jenner does.

Previously, Bruce Jenner, father of supermodel Kendall Jenner and former stepfather of Kim Kardashian told me about her sex change and emotions of it, and the transformation has received considerable attention in the American media.

“If I was on my deathbed, and had lived my life with this secret without doing anything about it, I had been there and said: ‘ You just threw away your whole life”.

A few weeks ago was carried out the extensive surgery and Vanity Fair was then quick to follow up on general interest and booked a cover photography and great interview. Annie Leibovitz photographed in Caitlyns home and the pulitzer praised journalist Buzz Bissinger, did the interview that now is cited worldwide.

In the video below tells Caitlyn, inter alia, that:
– Bruce had always lie, he lived a lie, every day, from morning to night he carried on a secret. Caitlyn has no secrets. As soon as the Vanity Fairs cover comes out, I’m free.

And with the big spread the cover now a worldwide we can conclude that the Caitlyns secret now is cleared and that she had taken the step into his new role with distinction – for we have ever seen at age 65 than the nicer Vanity Fairs cover?