5 Stores to Buy a Bathing Suit XL/Large Sizes

Many are the suggestions in terms of swimwear, including here on the b-log, but what is certain is that few are still options for large sizes.

In an era when online stores gain territory in this and in other fields, brought some suggestions of physical stores and online that you can resort the next shopping trip, so find your bikini or bathing suit ideal is not a scourge. Oh, and I almost forgot: this is the perfect time to do so, since many stores are already in the time of sale.


Perhaps this is the online store more known around the world, especially among the plus size community from all over the world. Good reasons abound: fast delivery, prices and models varied, thus pleasing all tastes and wallets.

La Redoute

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This is an online store that needs no introduction. Known to have various sections, including decoration, La Redoute is a reference when it comes to large sizes, since it presents a wide range of sizes, and prices.

By Brazil

The By Brazil was recently involved in the parade Woman XL that both gave that talk in recent days. And no wonder, because the brand products and cosmetic services, sells bathing suits (bathing suits and bikinis), many models are available in sizes above the 50. Has two stores in the North, in Vila Nova de Gaia and Matosinhos, however, their products are also available on Facebook page.

Forever 21

With a store available in Portugal, in the Commercial Centre Colombo in Lisbon, the Forever 21 also has the option to buy online, which includes the plus size section. As you would expect, this time of year there are a few suggestions of bathing suit.


At H & M, there is a section dedicated to large sizes, line H&M+, available only in some physical stores, but without the limitations with respect to your presence in the online store of the brand.