5 Plug-Ins of The Summer Which Can Be Revolutionize Your Look (As Small and as Effective)

We all know how powerful that can be Add-ins. And more in summer clothing is reduced to a minimum. A bag or a scarf can make your look to improve a 100% at the moment. Takes note of the best accessories You can wear this summer to complete your outfits. Five easy-to-copy ideas.

A carrycot

In mini size, that Yes, but straw bags have made a significant return this summer 2016.


Essential under the summer sun, it may help create style if you choose round glasses or wide pasta. The retro-inspired looks always good.

A bandana

Scarves can be in a thousand different ways in summer, but this season is tied to the neck.

A pair of Golden shoes

The metallic look falls yielded at our feet. You are looking for gold and silver shoes and your look will be the last.

Earrings XL

You can choose to carry only one or two sides, but the slopes have to highlight.